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Are there questions that you have quietly thought, and maybe kept to yourself, about Christianity? Maybe because you assumed that they are unanswerable, or didn’t know who to ask without being impolite, or maybe you have asked but weren’t given a satisfying answer?

Well here is a list of a few questions that might fall into that category.


Q. If God is so good and loving, then why does the world have so much pain? Or suffering? Or tragedies?

PragerFU: God and Suffering, Part 1 – YouTube

Q. How can we know which religion is true?

Why is Christianity right? – YouTube

Q. Do Christians actually have a sense of humor?

Tim Hawkins-Scary Bedtime Prayer – YouTube

Q. Why doesn’t God stop all evil, if He’s so loving? Recommended video:

“Why doesn’t God stop evil” Ravi Zacharias – YouTube

Q.  Couldn’t life have started on its own? After all, there has been so much time and the universe is so massive.

The Mystery of the Origin of Life by Professor James Tour – YouTube