Our Vision

Vision without title

Our vision at Valleyview Alliance Church is, “To love God by desiring a deeper relationship with Him and by serving with an eternal focus.” This vision comes from Matthew 22:37-39 where Jesus calls us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, our soul and our mind. We believe that in order to live out these verses it will require a relationship with God, not simply a rules based existence or an intellectual exercise. This relationship is only possible through the work of Jesus Christ. Because of our sin we are not able to achieve this relationship on our own, but God did not leave us this way. If we accept the work of Christ on the cross and ask Him to be our Lord and Saviour we can enter into an amazing relationship with God. In this relationship we are actually called the children and heirs of God. Is it any wonder that we should love Him?

But Matthew doesn’t stop with our responsibility to love God, but he continues and talks about our responsibility to love one another. The book of 1 John is also full of examples where we are taught that if we do not love one another than we do not truly love God. Again we believe that to love is not simply a verbal concession, but something that will work its way out in the way we live our lives. Because of this we desire to be a community that is serving both our own members and also those who do not call our church home.

We do all this not for any earthly reward or recognition, but out of our love for God and in the hope of the resurrection and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a church there are four areas where we strive to live this out:

     Salvation                Stability
Sanctification            Service

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